25 November 2008

Siren evening gown

If you are looking for a "look-at-me" dress for this christmas or just for a very glamouours night. I think you might LOVE! this dress. It's been for sale on the boutique since last week and I think the retail price is around £95.
It's completely elastic. Made with jersey (medium thick, not see-through, 100%acrylic) and gorgeous european lace (from Nottingham), I don't where exactly from, as the mill has closed down so now this fabric has become a little treasure. The neck is finished with satin at the back, and the middle panel on the bust and waist is gathered. It is high-waisted with long puff sleeves.
Size? The same size as all my dresses, medium/large.
(87cms bust, 70cms waist, 95cms hips). But it stretches very widely so if you are slightly wider, don't worry because it would still fit you like a glove (that's the brilliant thing about elastic fabrics).
Here's the boutique address and phone number:
66 Wood st.
L1 4AQ-Liverpool
(0151 7073590)

18 November 2008

"Gothic Britain", part3 - Spiders

My apologies for not having updated the blog for sooooo long. Well, I just hope there will still be any readers out there...

Well, I have a couple of very interesting pictures from Liverpool. Although they are very old pictures (from the summer) I thought that I should still show them.

As everyone knows, Liverpool is the city of culture, this year, so lots of different shows and attractions have been held over there, specially in the summer. Two of them were of a very arachnic nature!
My most prefered one is this beautiful massive! cobweb, as you can see on the first picture. It glows beautifully in the dark and the spider (which is on the center of it) changes its colours while glowing at the same time.
The second arachnic attraction was a very impressive yellow robot-spider that was as high as a hole building. This godzilla-like spider, was driven by a group of men on the top of the head. It walked down the main streets of Liverpool and then it dissappeared inside the Mersey tunnel. No-one has ever seen it again....

04 November 2008

Vampira mini scultpure

I'm a fanatic of Vampira. So I was more than ecstatic when I found out about this little sculpture of her. The pics are amazing. They really captured the "cadaveric" aspect of the character.
Here's the link


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