22 December 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall.....It's Katy Perry!

I am sure that today being the 22nd of Dec, some of you might still be doing the Christmas shopping. I'll bet my money...hehe.
Anyway, I have a short but very precise! gift list to Santa or "Reyes Magos" (any Spaniards/latinos across the Atlantic, will recognize the latter ;)
I need a hair-dryer. My hair is curly so I like straightening it, and mine, being old, doesn't have as much power as it used to and it gets warm very quickly which means that the temperature will dropto keep the motor cool. Any tips?
I came across this gorgeous Dark, Art-Deco ad campaign from GHD and I was surprised to find who was in it. Although, I have to say, the snowhite look suits her very well.
Have you ever owned/used GHD products? Are they good?


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