25 February 2010

Illamasqua, make-up for the alternative diva

I was just checking out the blog of make-up label Illamasqua and I came across one of its ranges: NOIR!
The collection is described as: "For the femme fatale of the night. Erotic. Cruel. Uninhibited.
Noir explores the dark side of your psyche. It lures out the 'other I'. This collection is a tangle of the dreamlike and the brutal, the black and the white. The colours are bold, baroque and deep. The effect – edgy, accentuated glamour.
Noir is a classic. It’s complex. It's a dance with the devil".
The pictures are amazing and the products look very nice. It is pricey but not expensive (same price range as M.A.C). I still haven't had the chance to test if it is any good as it is only available in Selfridges Manchester Trafford Centre (I am based in the NorthWest, remember). There is no Selfridges in Liverpool and when I travel to Manchester, I do not go as far as Trafford Centre!. I just hate that place, so overcrowded, more of the same.....aghgh!
Here is the link:

19 February 2010

Loving the Dark doesn't mean loving to be dead.

While everyone in the fashion world are still coming to terms with McQueen's death, tributes to his persona are being held in most of the key fashion places such as the fashion weeks (London and NY so far...) and London department stores such as Libertys.
Mcqueen was one of my favourite designers because he was a master of theatrical and phantasmagorical outfit and stage creations. A master of the Haute Macabre. He combined a complex and amazing mix of haute couture out-of-reality pieces with wearable elements. Obviously, his creations (at one time very very gothic and alternative) became stated, commercial -yet still creative- pieces that some people confided me that were mostly made by students and apprentices....

Because of his death, there are some testimonials that have brought out, yet again, some false stereotypes about Goths and other Dark enthusiasts, like me, like McQueen! and I want to clarify them. I am sure most of you who read this blog will agree, but as usual, I welcome and encourage! any comments or opinions. For instance, I have read that Karl Lagerfeld said:

"There was always some attraction to death, his designs were sometimes dehumanised..."
"Who knows, perhaps after flirting with death too often, death attracts you,"
he apparently added.

No Goth, I think, or at least the few I have met in my life are dreaming of killing themselves. An enthusiasm for the Dark, means just that. There are cases and there always will be of people who are attracted to the Dark because they are depressed (or freaks!), so they find it easier to connect with Gothic because they already are "living in the gloom" but that is not usually the case! I have always loved Gothic and I didn't know such a thing existed as concept until I met two girls in high school and told me..."actually, this thing you like and admired so much is called Gothic".. Back then and still now, I have no intention of killing myself, despite still enjoying having quiet walks down the cemeteries, admiring the gorgeous stonegraves.
McQueen was in a state of depression, he even left a note, and his mum (the closest person to him in life, it has been stated) was just gone. I bet you that when he did kill himself, the last thing he would be doing was choosing what fabric would go in his coffin. There is nothing romantic about Death, Robert Smith once said. How true....

Here is the blog where I got this wonderful picture:

Here is the article if you want to read more:

16 February 2010

Spooky victorian animated portraits

While surfing on the net, I came across this spooky thing. I think is fabulous but I wouldn't like to be staring at them at candle light. The effect is so incredibly realistic that it can really scare the hell out of you if you are not aware of its fakeness. Although the pictures are unframed -you need to buy the frame somewhere else- they are incredibly cheap at $10-25, (that would be around £10, I think)
Have a look at the original website. It is from America, though.


14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's day to everyone!, hope you are all having a good relaxing Sunday.

08 February 2010

New items!, "Flared leopard print fur capelet"

It still is extremely freezing here in Britain (specially in the North, as we still have ice patches on the floor that haven't gone away yet...)

I have already started to work in my spring/summer collection w
ich will be about ladybirds! Very pin-up, girly styled but with a dark hint to it, trademark of The Black Wardrobe, as usual ;). However, it will not see the light until the end of the month of February, mid March. It is just too cold!
Meanwhile, I am still making wintery pieces that will help us fight th
e cold with a stylish look. My latest little number is a boutique exclusive.
That means that is an special item for my stockist, The Rose and Anchor retro boutique. It is not available on my website, as it was commissioned b
y the boutique. The fabric is an end of line, luxurious fur fabric, in leopard print. Very high quality and extremely thick!!. The boutique-owner comissioned me a couple of pieces with this fabric so I decided to make some outerwear with it. This cute little cape, very flared, mid length (doesn't reach the elbow). Has a square high neck. It is fully lined and it fastens with a press fastener on the chest. At only £48 is a real bargain, so if you want it and live in the northwest. Stop by the boutique! There is only one.


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