09 December 2010

Fashion catwalk (better image)

As I promised, this is the video (with slightly better image and more close-ups) of my mini-catwalk at the Liverpool Design Show. Hope you find it better.

06 December 2010

I suddenly became a Goth.....part 6

Here we go again, I always think this feature doesn't have a future but you always find someone who at some point in their lives, decide to embrace the beauty of Darkness, even if it is just for a short (very short) period of their lives. The last victim of this episode is Taylor Momsen. I didn't have a clue who this girl was till I saw pictures of her all over the net recently.
It turns out she is on Gossip Girl (I only watch a couple of episodes of those TV series and this girl's face still doesn't ring a bell to me...) Anyway, I can see and smell that this is another case of youngster rebelling against her -very early from nappies day- day-life responsibilities. Seeking a very extreme way of exploring her persona, style and, I might guess, freedom, before she hits 25 and decides what to do with her life.

Some of her style attempts are better than others, as you can see the first picture couldn't scream more teenager even if she tried (although I love that deep-red lipstick!). The other two looks are more sophisticated, this second picture reminds of Mary-kate Olsen, it is very much of her romantic style.

The third picture is my definetely favourite, key pieces to watch here that I love:

A/flattering lace dress showing figure and bust. Over knee length (how elegant and grown-up)

B/Glamourous bohemian, almost distressed but still groomed, up-do. (Think of Tippy Heddren just after being attacked by those birds ;)

C/Vamp but understated make-up: soft smokey eyes and hard deep-red lipstick, very fair foundation but without looking too artificially pale, as she decided to use flour.

What do you think?

01 December 2010

Black glossy wellies for your dark outfit in the snow

The weather in the UK is getting snowy, it started in the North and East and now it has spread across the rest of Britain. Weather forecasters say it will get worst. SO now it is time to get some wellies (if you don't have mountain boots) before you fall and break your nose.
I don't need glossy black wellies but I want these!! I already have a pair of matt black wellies, it took me ages! to find them as all wellies are colorful happy-go-blindy, with the brightest rainbow inspired colour-scheme I have ever seen outside of a kidswear department. Somehow, someone assumed that wellies are just for kids. This is the same issue I see happening to alternative fashion too. Why everything out-of-the-norm is meant to be just for anyone below the age of 20?!
I, as a walking being, do need wellies as well that will complement my black outfit. I am short (around 155cms/5'1"),
I don't want to wear something that'll make my legs look shapeless and much shorter than what they already are!
Therefore, I didn't discourage and didn't stop searching till I found my lovely plain go-with-everything black wellies....in a menswear department.
I was lucky, apparently some men are a shoe size 39(EU) / 6(UK) .
I love these wellies. Needless to say that they are menswear...(f###ing hell!), Only sizes 7 and 8 (UK) are available, so if you are fortunate/unfortunate to have big feet, grab them while you can. So far, walking on the snow hasn't been as traumatic as last year. But one more thing...Do not make the same mistake, as I've done, of wearing them with soft light socks. Wear them with very chunky fluffy socks. Otherwise, it will be agony to walk with them, they digg into your ankles when you try to twist your feet to go up/down the stairs or to just walk!
This is the link:


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