29 July 2009

The new retro trend: Hourglass shape

According to a british survey, british women prefer to achieve that gorgeous hourglass shape, so popular 50years ago, than being a long thin square (a.k.a size zero).
This is another hint that proves us old fashions are best and they are coming back, hopefully to stay!!

Among 2000 women who were surveyed, 60%percent admitted to being either an "apple" or "pear shape,". 75% percent said they wanted a figure like Catherine Zeta-Jones or Marilyn Monroe.

A top-10 list of female celebrities whose shape inspired women was topped by buxom TV cook Nigella Lawson and actresses Helen Mirren, Judy Dench, and Joanna Lumley.

Another surprising detail found on this survey was that despite being the biggest in the continent, brit
ish women don't see themselves as "obese" and only 10% wanted to be "slim". This is a huge contrast with french women, who are the slimmest, and see themselves as "fat" (statistics say that around 6.7% of french women are dangerously thin).
Between 1993 and 2004 the proportion of obese people rose "significantly", from almost 17% to 24.4% among women, according to University College London researchers.

In my opinion, this attitude can have its good and bad sides.
Good things:
-women are starting to accept who they are. Slimness is not synonymous of beauty. Everyone is different, there is no need to followed a certain pattern in order to be "accepted" by the norm.
-It seems that there is an effort to abandon that "sloppy" attitude about looking good and adopt a more positive one by working a healthier hourglass silouette instead of just losing weight.

Bad things:
-Forcing your body to have a small waist while still being "big" in the rest of the body is not a good idea. Have a look at pics of the 50s (Marilyn M., Sophia Loren, E. Taylor...they weren't size 8 but not an unhealthy size 30 either...it was about a well toned body -everything on its place- AND a small waist) That is the perfect silouette.
-Some people in Britain should really really change their diet. I'm sorry but it is the true. There are people out there who are big not because they have been genetically "unlucky" but because they are basically eating rubbish and do not do any exercise. This retro silouette shouldn't be used to justified obsesity ("lets just put a corset on and I will look like La Loren"). Things don't work that way. Being overweight just for the sake of being it, it is not a valid excuse.

25 July 2009

My Facebook page!

I created my facebook page ages ago!!! but I just didn't know the exact address. I know, stupid...., never mind. I figured it out today! It is so complicated and long!, no wonder that I couldn't find it!

Please, become a fan!


23 July 2009

Vintage beauties: Public Enemies's film locations

As well as the fashion and the gadgets (oh god, what cars!) another great beauty of the film Public Enemies are the locations. I had the pleasure to find pictures of some of the buildings featured in the film.

You can find more pictures at the flickr set Movie set for Johnny Depp movie "Public Enemies" (Columbus, Wisconsin)


19 July 2009

Mobs, gangsters, mafia and Johnny Depp!

Being a big fan of Film Noir and the 1930s, it was a no-brainer that I had to go to watch this film: Public Enemies. All reviews I had read were...hmm...not so good, however I was still tempted to watch it for several reasons: it is based in The Great Depression, it is about an interesting story (mafia), great actors, among them, the incredible Johnny Depp (who is astonishingly talented, in my point of view). If another actor would had played this role, I don't think the film would has been as good as I think it is. Specially if the chosen actor was Leonardo Di Caprio.........aaaaaghgh!
Marion Cotillard is absolutely great (powerful, dramatique! and somehow unconventional which makes the character even more attractive). I had already had the pleasure to watch mademoiselle Cotillard in another great film: "La Vie En Rose". That woman is seriously talented!
Another great piece of
acting in this film is, without a doubt, Christian Bale, whose toughness and elegance adds a bit of spice to some scenes. Although, I have to say, in some scenes I didn't know if I was watching Bruce Wayne or Melvin Purvis...
I don't know if people knows this but
the film is based on a true story. The characters WERE real and aparently, it seems to be historically accurate (at least, that's what my boyfriend -mafia aficionado- says. He knows a lot about mob history). The film is an adaption of Bryan Burrough's non-fiction book Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the film, I wasn't dissappointed.

15 July 2009

Be witching!

Who said a gorgeous black gown cannot be worn for everyday? I just love! this look.
What a gorgeous set. It is so dramatic but not theatrical. Perfect for everyday.

13 July 2009

New polyvore set!

I have done more polyvore sets. I hope you like this one. The main piece is my super chic "Bow dress", a very plain but classy over knee length dress, sleeveless with a gorgeous taffeta bow on the bust. Very feminine and versatile! In this polyvore set, I have accessorize it with red accessories:a skinny red belt, peep toe shoes, red bag and of course, red lipstick! The overall look is very pin-up, Marilyn Monroe. You can have a look at more pics of my dress: http://www.theblackwardrobe.com/product/bow-dress-23
Here is a link to my polyvore sets: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=714772.

08 July 2009

Fashion tips for: draped front soft-jacket

Hi everyone! After years of enjoying and getting inspired by Polyvore, I have decided to add my bit to the Polyvore universe and create my own "moodboards". I thought that it would also be good way to inspire customers and readers and help them with the little dilemma of what to wear with what.
This stunning draped front soft-jacket (£60) has a beautiful waterfall of drapes at the front than can be worn either loose or cinched with a satin ribbon. The neckline is adorned with a discrete frill of satin (lined with jersey).

This type of shape will work wonders with a well structured or tailored bottoms such suit pants or a pencil skirt. It will look perfect on a pencil skirt or any other fitted bottoms. Never something baggy on the bottom as this will hide and destroy your shape. In one sentence: it will make you look big.

In the first set I've decided to pair it with a par of well tailored high-waisted pants, skin-tone shade accessories. It is a very classy combination of colours that will work with any skin tone and in any ocassion (work, daywear or even a quite evening out)

The second set is about pair this beautiful dramatic piece with a simple pencil skirt. The beatiful drapes will draw attention to your waist which will look tiny! thanks to that ultra-feminine satin tie and that long sweetheart ruffled neckline will elongate and stylise your neckline. (That's the reason I kept it simple and naked).
As you can see, pastel gray or just gray is another "neutral" colours that would work wonders for your everyday wear specially, workwear. It is not harsh, goes with everyone and goes with every other single colour.

As you can see, my polyvore sets have that "somehow retro/vintage feel", trademark of TheBlackWardrobe... ;)
I hope you liked my "polyvores"

Check out the jacket on my website:


06 July 2009

More new little dark pieces, coming soon!

Whereas the High street and all other fashion retailers are trying to get rid of the summer stock and preparing the new winter collections, I cannot stop laughing while I am still creating new pieces for my summer collection!
We all know that there is been summer for a while in Europe. In Britain, we just started to see the sun quite recently! Which is a special joy, specially after 2years of continuous dark and cold...
Here is a preview. Coming soon, to The Black Wardrobe's website. Hope you like it!

Remember that you can always subscribe to my website's newsletter for more fashion tips and news!
Just fill in the contact form in the website and type "subscribe" in the message field.

01 July 2009

Nora, the cat. She's a piano maestro.

I absolutely adore cats. (I am a cat's person) so it was no surprise that after watching this video I decided I should post it in my blog. It is such a joy to watch her playing and getting inspired!! And she is called like me!!! Could we be soul-mates, trapped in different species??


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