05 July 2010

Lady in Red (Me) in a 1950s themed wedding

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I were invited to a wedding in Morecambe. It took place in a gorgeous Art Deco hotel called "The Midland".
As usual, in weddings, I wasn't sure what to wear, as you don't want to out-stage anyone, even the dogs, specially in wedding where you don't know anyone and you are not a relative (the groom was an old friend of my bf).

I just f
inished a couple of designs that I will soon upload to the website.
One of them is the one I am wearing in the pics below. It is a red maxidress in silky vibrant red viscose jersey. I wanted to go for a 1940s inspired look, with a bit of Valentino glamour flair as well, so I teamed this gorgeous red maxi with black satin accents and a crystal silver necklace that I made (coming soon to the website).
It turned out to be very appropiate as the wedding was vintage themed (1950s, as you can tell by the ice-cream van and the bride's gorgeous dress, adorned with organza roses. It was made in the USA).

01 July 2010

Style icons: Ronit Elkabetz (who?)

I came across this lady through the House of Harps blog. Her style is amazing, a perfect mix of Vintage and Dark. Her romantic hairdo is a modern reminiscent of the 1900s edwardian style up-dos.
Her make-up is subtle, understated but still dramatic (take note of the smokey eye make-up in brown and purple shadows)
I had never heard of her before, neither had you (I presume)...


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