31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! or Happy Samhain/Halloween (for all those anglosaxon-speakers out there). Either you are in a Gothic Festival, at the cemetery visiting your loved ones or at home, watching whatever who knows, I hope you are having a good nice quiet day.
I am in situation C, although the telly is off. It is still too early and Sunday! so there is nothing interesting to watch. If I was in Spain, I would probably had gone for a nice walk to the Cemetery. As you know, this festivity is Catholic, people go to clean the tombs of their beloved ones, or just to leave them some flowers. I don't think they do this here in the UK nor in The States. Anyway, have fun and relax. Because tonight, your door-bell will not stop ringing... "Mwahahahaahhaha"

Picture of the famous
Père-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris. Copyright of Till Krecht.


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