25 May 2011

Fashion inspiration: "Metropolis" by Morfium Couture

Morfium is a noteworthy fashion label expressing its creative concept of progressive design through numerous visual arts and media like photography, theatre, movies and music sources. Morfium as the name of the brand also has a rich explanation starting from the mythological Morpheas, the messenger appearing in the dreams as well as a variety of inspirations taken from Balkan traditions.
The latest collection of Morfium Couture is named after and simultaneously inspired by "Metropolis", the science fiction masterpiece about urban dystopia. The movie was a truly futuristic indicator directed by German expressionist Fritz Lang in 1927. The ad campaign captured in the lens of talented photographer Dusan Jaukovic explores explicit and cutting edge designs rendering the movie convention in high fashion mode.
(Text taken from here: http://www.fashionising.com/pictures/b--Metropolis-mythology-Morfium-Couture-6854.html) Click for more pics or check out the website.

11 May 2011

The 3 polen graces...

Following my "insect-inspired" phase I-m going through at the minute....It's spring!, I created more jewellery featuring bugs.
I hope you are going to like the next item, I made it weeks ago, with antique brass chain and I dissmantled and rebuilt with czech glass in metallic hues. The main focus of the necklace is the 3 graces, as I like to call them. They are bees! I made them with black polymer clay and then I dusted them with gold powder to recreate the brass effect of the chain and also I like them to have that distressed look as well, very typical of vintage items, so as you may be able to see, the surface is not sleek but slightly textured. The czech glass are beautiful! Incredibly shiny but being such shiny colours it is always tricky to capture them by camera, so the best picture that shows them came out blurred. Sorry...
What do you think?
Oh by the way, I re-opened my etsy shop (I'll still have my website, though). In the next following weeks I'll try to populate it with my polymer clay jewellery as well as the romantic brass stuff I make.
Do you usually buy stuff on Etsy? I haven't bought anything yet...
Here is the link: http://www.theblackwardrobe.com/Shop/product.php/32/vintage_inspired_3_bees_necklace

06 May 2011

Victorian Gothic literature - "The Grave - A Poem"

I came across this beautiful blog (Graphicsfairy) through another very inspiring blog called jasminstudiocrafts. If you are an artist/designer who works with mixed media, it is always very grateful to find people who collect amazing stuff and don't mind to share it for free. I have seen people on places like for example etsy, charging for images that
a. have not been manipulated or "worked" by themselves
...and B. they are clearly free and copyright-free because I had already seen them somewhere else before.
Anyway, among beautiful "halloween" and lots of other victorian pictures, engravings and illustrations. The following two got my attention.
They belong to a book published in London in 1808. Titled "The Grave, a poem", it features pictures depicting dead bodies with their respective souls. The one below, it says:
"The soul hovering over the body reluctantly parting with life...how wishfully she looks on all she's leaving, now no longer her's"
I have to point out that the cover of the book has been slightly "photoshop-ed" by the the blogger (She covered the genitals of the man with a leaf, as he was completely naked in the original cover) I don't mind her doing that but I have to say, I find that strange, very un-typical of victorian times actually, as they used to cover anything they could....
I wonder how many celtic carvings have been sabotaged in the name of "modesty"!.

Have a look at these two blogs, they deserve a visit.

02 May 2011

New items! "Bee brooches"

Hello! I have posted lots of new items on my website (and more are coming soon as soon as I finish them and take the photos) so I will be posting them on the blog in the following weeks.
First, I want to start with my bee-shaped jewellery, specially after my post about insects. My beautiful spiders have always been very popular so I always intended to grow my insect range to more beautiful insects such as beetles, ladybirds, and bees! I soon want to start to make beetles as well... I just need to find those glorious metallic powders I have in my mind....

My beautiful bees are made in the same way as muy spiders, from scratch, without the hlep of moulds. I shape the polymer clay and before it gets fired, I embellish it with rhinestones, laces, powders..etc. These bees have taken more work to do than the spiders as I have space out the different layers of embellishment. The lacey wings have been applied in a second round of firing, so have the stripes and my varnish always goes through a round of fire in order to enhance its gloss.
There are some few more pics on my website, let me know what you think. Which one do you like the best, by the way?
So far, people have loved the plain black and gold (4th on the pic). I love the one completely covered in rhinestones. I just can't resist bling...specially against a black background!


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