30 March 2008

Every Goth’s dream come true.

We keep seeing black every winter on the catwalks, the magazines, our wardrobes (despite the fact that we TRY to buy "other" colours but the misterious power of Black still bewitches us ALL! not only goths...........). Imagine if everything would turn black, including the toilet paper. It would be great, wouldn´t be? It would be every Goth´s dream come true: black furniture, black wallpaper, black clothes (including the tampax and panty-liners), black make-up, black toilet paper, black car, black phone, black lights?, black condoms?, black food (squid sauce)?....

No, no, wait a minute. I already have problems to find clothes in my wardrobe, every morning! Even with the lights switched on! There should be an alternative, like grey? Yes! A mix between black "I´m cool-trendy-enigmatic" and white "I´m the typical...white". The interesting thing it would be to create shades, different shades of black so I could still see something.... Imagine if you confuse the pillow for the cat. It wouldn´t be a nice experience for the cat, or your arm...
If you´re still intrigued by the Black trend, check-out this website. Don´t forget to read the comments (all very diverse). There´s one in particular that grabbed my attention: (about the black plane) "Looks more like a death plane external, but supra chic interior"

Now that IS the beauty of the Dark: extremely different then interesting.


29 March 2008

First look, finished!

Hi everyone! I´ve already posted some pics of the look I´ve been working on. Well, it´s finished!! It´s one of my most loved ones. Despite looking a bit too victorian I´m still proud of how it looks, specially on a person, not on the mannequin. Have a close look at the textile details! As soon as I finished the rest of the collection, I will post more pics.

26 March 2008

New logo!

I don´t know if people have realized the little image I´ve got on the left side of the blog (The small black and white wardrobe pic), so I´ve designed another one that I think it suits better this blog. As you can see, is grey and black. As soon as I figure it out, I will change the head-banner and replace it with this new image. From now on, this will be the THE BLACK WARDROBE logo. Hope you like it!

12 March 2008

The Cure in Barcelona, amazing

This last Monday, I had the privilege of having been at The Cure´s concert in Barcelona. Absolutely amazing, incredibly long (it lasted from 9.30pm until 1.00am). His voice didn´t go dead in the dark at any minute. He sang very old songs (Primary, One Hundred Years, some songs from the Seventeen Seconds' album) that I wasn´t expecting, as well as the classics like Lullaby, Pictures of You, Boys Don´t Cry, Friday I´m In Love....etc.
I was planning to go down to London to see him, the tickets were in the beginning around 30pounds, (around the same price that I ended up paying for the Barcelona gig) but a couple of weeks later they sold out and some fuckers were re-selling them for over 200pounds. Cheeky bastards...

No Goths (I was stunned), well, apart from a couple of groups of no more than 10people in total. The Arena was absolutely full of people -young and middle-aged-, the sound was amazing but it was a shame that there wasn´t any screens (I was very curious to see if Robert´s make-up was still on place). For all that people who are still thinking of giving money to those fuckers for the London gig, I would just say that it would definetely be WORTH IT but it´s up to you if you want to pay those astronomical prices. Robert Smith is getting old, but his energy is amazing.
I will never forget that night and the next time he will do a concert I will make sure to be there...and buy my tickets on time.

07 March 2008

The Black Widow collection, first sketch

I can´t remember if I said something about the collection I´m working on at the minute. I´ve started doing brooches with fimo (yes! the fimo spiders!) and now I´ve gone to the clothes. The progress is slower than expected because I rather make a sample twice or even three times until I get the perfect fit and explore all the textures and ideas that the fabrics give me, than doing it "easy" and quick way.
I don´t know if whoever reads this blog has an idea of how is the process of a fashion collection, but I will explain it anyway....There it goes:
The first picture is the sketch, a simple flat ilustration with the fabric samples and the techniques that would be used on them for that design. I usually draw a very simple sketch and as long as I investigate and work on the finishings and the patterns I updait the sheet by adding more and more specific details about its construction.
When the patterns are finished I cut them and place them on the fabric in order to cut off the pieces of fabric.
And now is when the most interesting part starts: the final construction of the sample. Every time I join a couple of pieces together I place them on the mannequin to see how it looks like. I think it gives a brief idea of how it would look like on a body. Once the garment would be completely finished I will post the picture on the blog. ;)

05 March 2008

Sweeny Todd, a victorian version of a C.S.I. episode

First of all, as you might have already guessed by this blog's look, I AM a Tim Burton´s fan (well, I hate The Planet Of The Apes but that film is crap anyway, everyone would agree with me, I suppose) BUT I am not too sure about Sweeny Todd, I am afraid. The film follows the same lines as his other films: gorgeous decadent and gothic aesthetic, interesting storyline, excellent actors, dramatic and not-at-all cheesy music....but too much blood for me. I might be a missy sissy but while I was watching the film, I suddenly had a memory crisis, I didn´t know if I was watching a Burton´s film or an episode of C.S.I....
but Grissom wasn´t there......
and if he was, he would had been one of the corpses swimming in the disgusting mincemeat machine maker next to that "auswitch-like" oven....

I´ve done a bit of research and I have noticed I am not the only one to have had not a very very good impression from the film. As an illustrative example, this is what I've read on http://www.product-reviews.net/:
"It seems like Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street isn’t the only one doing a bit of butchery! Warner Bros have asked director Tim Burton to ‘butcher’ his own film, cutting it from an R-rated Movie to a PG-13 MPAA. According to reports, the early footage from the film was so violently bloody that the studio executives have become squeamish and have requested the film to be re-cut.
A report in the Daily Mail has said,
“Tim’s not happy that the
studio is asking for so many cuts to the cutting, as it were. The thing is, the studio really likes the film and they want to make it accessible to as big an audience as possible - which means stemming the blood flow. But that’s a bit difficult for a story involving a guy who gets high slitting throats.”
In the
Film, unsuspecting victims sit in the mechanical chairs of Todd’s barber shop expecting a short back and sides. Sweeney then slices their throats before opening a trap door and allowing the bodies to travel into the lair of his wife, Mrs Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter). Once his wife has the bodies, she uses them to make her meat pies".


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