28 April 2011

My Versatile Blogger Award

And the award for "Most Versatile Blogger Award" goes to.....me!
I want to thank Blanca from Madame Macabre for the award! It is always nice to receive a compliment, either being a comment or an award! Madame Macabre won the award herself too, if you speak spanish, you'd love her blog, full of fashion tips, reviews and anything that is gothic related.
Keeping up with "the tradition" or "the game" (lol) I have decided to "transfer" my award to another blog I follow and in my opinion, is very versatile, "House of Harps". I hope she'll be pleased.


24 April 2011

How to take measurements

When shopping online is very important to understand the sizing charts as well as the fit of the garments as it is not possible to try it on before the purchase. After years of working in retail, I am still amazed that there are people who are still unsure about how to take measurements and where!
For this reason, I have decided to write a post about it, based on the way I was trained to take measurements, in my fashion degree and my designs, as most of them are fitted garments, designed to achieve that gorgeous hourglass shape.
I always recommend to take measurements wearing a bra and a fitted cotton t-shirt (I'll explain that below).

Measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust, that means placing the tape over the nipples, keeping the tape measure straight all the way around your body. Always allow a spare ccntimetre of ease as you'll need that extra space when wearing a fitted top or blouse. There is nothing more unaesthetic than wearing a blouse with your bra peeking between the buttons' gaps.
This is the trickiest one. The waist is the narrowest part of your torax. If you look carefully at your figure, you'll see that your body is slightly straight below your bust, it goes in and then it goes back out gradually to its fullness around the hips. The narrowest part or natural waist, is usually just above the belly-button. You should place the measuring tape on here and again, allow 1 centimetre or 1and half for ease.
All my garments are designed to sit on the waist, which for some people it might be referred as "high-waisted".
Hips are the wider part of your bottom half. It is the place where your jeans get stuck when trying to put them on. :)
It is roughly around 23-25cms below the waist line (remember, just above the belly-button).

For the next two measurements it is important to wear a cotton t-shirt as these measurements are taken from the shoulder and wearing a t-shirt makes it easier to know where to place the tape.
The length of the garment can be measured two ways: from the centre of your back neck or the most reliable, in my opinion, from the shoulder. So, place the tape on the shoulder seam of your t-shirt, ALWAYS FROM THE BACK OF YOUR BODY. If you place the tape at the front, you'll add unnecessary centimetres due to the volume of the bust being on the way.


The best way to take this measurement is placing the tape on the top of your shoulder bone or when wearing a t-shirt, the end of your should seam because this is where your arm starts. So do not include shoulder in the measurement. Bending the arm slightly (as shown in the picture) when placing the tape along your arm (you need that extra inch when folding or moving your arms, otherwise your wrists will be exposed.)

There are 4 main sleeve-lengths and these might look different on each person because not everyone has the same arm lengths. However, by understanding where each style is meant to sit, I think it will help to understand the fit of the garment and therefore have the item altered, adjusted or modified to the body shape or personal preferences.

Cap sleeves are meant to sit on the shoulder, leaving most of the upper half of the arm exposed. They are roughly 2 inches wide.
Short sleeves are meant to sit just above the bust area or at the same level as the widest part of the bust, covering 50% of the upper half of the arm.
3/4 sleeves are meant to sit just below the elbow, which is where the natural waist sits. These sleeves are very flattering because they help to create the optical effect of a smaller waist. That's why they were so popular back in the 50s. If you have long arms, these sleeves will most likely sit just above the elbow, which is a very attractive fit too.

Bottom lengths are taken from the waistline (remember, just above belly-button, the narrowest part of your upper body). My garments are designed to finish in three main lengths:
Knee length: meant to sit just above the knee or on it.
Over-knee length: meant to cover the knee and sit on the calf.
Floor length or maxi: meant to cover the whole leg until reaching the toes or the floor, depending on the design.
I recommend to take these measurements on the front of the body, not the side or the back as these areas are curvaceous.

11 April 2011

Cute kitten shoes

Aren't they cute?
They are velvet platform shoes with a embroidered cat face on them. A came across this picture on the Fashionising.com website.
It was taken in Paris, some fashionista was wearing them in the street.
No one seems to know who is the genius who designed it. If it was a bag, I would have automatically thought LouLou Guinness, but she doesn't make shoes and I am not that clued in shoe-designers, sorry...

08 April 2011

Insect jewellery by Robin Charlotte

RobinCharlotte jewellery is about decay and preservation of natural creatures including birds' skeletons, insects and sea creatures. All set in resin, beautifully decorated with vintage findings, stones and metals.
The artist is an L.A. based designer called Robin Humphrey, whose beautifully dark work is been featured in several magazine including Vogue.

Following my previous post about insects, I thought it would appropiate to post a couple of pics of her work. I really liked it as soon as I saw it.

I love the idea of insects trapped in a beautiful golden bubble of amber or captured in the depths of a romantic faceted clear stone. And, as I said in the previous post, some insects are beautiful enough to be preserved in a unique piece of jewellery and be admired for a while...

Here is the link to her website, she also has an etsy shop.

05 April 2011


I assume this must be a gothic thing, because not everyone shares the same passion for them. Although they have always been an interesting source of creative inspiration, specially in fashion.
I am talking about insects.
I find them incredibly unique, special, interesting and some of them even absolutely beautiful.

My main favourites are spiders (you should already know if you follow me ;), butterflies, ladybirds (or ladybugs as known across the Atlantic) and beetles. But, since a beautiful fluffy bee died in my house a couple of years ago, I include bees as well.

Spiders are my main passion because of their incredibly vintage inspired shape (very feminine with their tiny waist, big rounded bum and slender and incredibly long legs), because of this, I think that's why they have that characteristic very unique to them, sexy way of moving, in a very silent way, to the dark corners of my rooms. (My house is infested with them, good proof that I have a very good central heating system).

Beetles are my other favourite because of the stunning metallic shades of their shells. Incredibly shinny, the colours really gets your attention, including the black ones too.
It has always been associated with old egyptian religion, being their most important religious symbol. Every single different one represents a different thing.

Ladybirds are just cute. That shiny, vibrant scarlet red colour just pops out from the green grass like a gem, and the english name is so adorable. A lady-bird....how cute.
This very cute coloured beetles are an omen of good luck.

Bees are fantastic, I hadn't noticed them till I came to England. In spain, they are long and slender. In Britain, however, it is a different story. They are beautifully rounded, big, noisy due to those powerful big wings and so so fluffly! One fell on her back inside my house. (No idea how it came in, I usually leave the windows close to avoid flies from coming in, hate them...). I didn't touch her. The next morning I picked her up. It was like touching a piece of fur. Those bright yellow and black "hairs" were, very long, so soft and fluffy and so dry!
I should had kept it in a jar. Never mind... They are such an inspiration that I made a couple of brooches, like the spider ones, remember?
I-ll post the pictures as soon as I can.


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