11 September 2012

More amazing pictures from the Charity Fashion Show I have participated recently. I hope you like them. More pics on my facebook page. Make sure to click and please "like" my page! Thanks.

Most of these outfits are already available on my website. If you are curious to see more pics or info. Click on the link: www.theblackwardrobe.com/Shop/section.php/2/1/dresses

29 August 2012

Kirsty Mitchell's wonderland

Kirsty Mitchell was born in 1976 and raised in the English county of Kent, known to many as the ‘Garden of England’. Her mother Maureen was an English teacher and read to her fairytales almost everyday. “She instilled in me the most precious gift a mother could, her imagination and a belief in beauty.”

Growing up, art became her sole passion. She took courses in the history of art, photography, fine art, fashion design and costume for film and theatre at the London College of Fashion.
Tragically her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour and died in November 2008. “Real life became a difficult place to deal with, and I found myself retreating further into an alternative existence through the portal of my camera.”
She retreated behind the lens of her camera and created Wonderland, an ethereal fantasy world. This escapism grew into the concept of creating an unexplained storybook without words, dedicated to her mother, that would echo the fragments of her fairytales. She spent evenings and weekends creating props, wigs, and sets on a shoestring budget and shot in the woodlands surrounding Kirsty’s home in Surrey. “All the characters came to me in my dreams.”
Her three year labour of love is now almost complete and there are plans for an exhibition and accompanying book.
(Text taken from: http://www.elitismstyle.com/blogazine/page/2) Click on the link to read more.

26 August 2012

Charity fashion show

Yesterday I took part in a fashion show organized for Charity. The girls were gorgeous, the event was very well organized and we hit the target that the organizer set out to achieve! So happy. Here are some pics:

24 April 2012

Here are more pics from the photoshoot I did last month. This post is about the Black and animal print pin-up wiggle dress. Very popular on my website, it is very pin-up, very wearable and a staple piece that should be on your wardrobe if you need something you can dress up or down when the situation requires.
The design does not come with a belt, I added it on for photoshoot.

Please, if you want to use the pics, please, request first. Copyright belongs to the photographer, InaGlo Photography.

18 April 2012

Pictures of the Retro pin-up b&w tailored dress

As a result of the photoshoot I did recently, I have stunning shoots of some of my dresses on the website. If you follow me on Facebook, you might have already seen them. If not, here they are.
This is the Retro pin-up black&white tailored dress I made just before the shoot.

 It is made of stretch cotton sateen. Originally a pattern I created for a blazer, I decided to put it to use for a classical trench-coat-style dress. (I just love lapels, so elegant, so 40s).
I am thinking of making a trench coat with this pattern. A double breasted one with black buttons! It would be a great spring addition to my site's collection.
The model is Whiskey Raven and the pics were taken by InaGlo Photography, please ask me or the photographer for permission before using this pic or credit us. That would be wonderful.

09 April 2012

Dark spring/summer fashion inspiration: black & pastels.

I get emails everynow and again with requests to do do articles about gothic fashion tips for the Summer. Well, I have decided to start a new "series" covering the subject.
This post is about black & pastels. We had a short summery phase here in North England, a sneak preview of what to expect in the following months prior to returning back to the dark days of Winter (which is fine, nothing to worry about. It still is skiing season, you know?)

I've always been an advocate for pastels (I have written posts about it before), specially if they are skintone shades or ivory/cream. They bring out the best of our skinshades and because they are so light, they are easy to combine with other shades/colours and that makes them a perfect alternative to the "common" white to use as a blank colour to start an outfit with. Some people are a bit uneasy with the black&white combo for fear of ending up with a "waitress" look.

Despite their lightness, pastels work beautifully with black, as proven by the pic below, creating a gorgeous look that not always has to be "romantic" or "sissy". You can thoughen it up with dramatic accessories or textures like velvet or leather.
I love this look:
Black blazer/jacket/coat in wool or velvet!
A romantic or sleek fitted dress in skintone/pastel shade
black shoe/boots. Love that chunky heel. Much heavier than stiletto but so much more stable and therefore comfortable to walk with.

What do you think? Would you wear pastels?

06 April 2012

Polka dot gothic Matryoshka for sale

I love Matryoshkas and this one is gorgous. It is for sale at the Through the Looking glass blog. Contact the designer, if you are interested.
This is the link: http://mothmouth-throughthelookingglass.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/polka-bow.html

23 March 2012

Fashion photoshoot Spring/Summer 2012: behind the scenes

While I wait for the photographer to finish editing the pics of the shoot. Here are a couple of tasters. I took them with my mobile phone, so they are not great but I still find them interesting. It is always exciting to see the action live, the model on the flesh, the fabric flowing naturally, and all the hard-work that is been put behind that blank canvas you see on pics. I seriously love that chaise-longue....

21 March 2012

New item on the website: retro pin-up black&white tailored dress.

This is another dress that was finished just before the photoshoot. It is exquisitely tailored (it is based on a blazer pattern I drafted last month which I am planning to use very very soon ;)
It features a collar and lapel neckline -standard blazer collar- and short puff sleeves, all trimmed with white satin bias. It is very 40s/50s inspired. It is so classy and the fabric is timeless and smart (cotton sateen with a bit of stretch), I think it would be perfect for both day and evening and that gorgeous lapel is screaming for a breath-taking brooch, I'm thinking of a jet-black spider....

More info on my website: http://www.theblackwardrobe.com/Shop/product.php/77/retro_pin_up_black_white_tailored_dress

19 March 2012

New items on the website: Black long sleeved lace gown

I can't remember if I mentioned here about the photoshoot I had recently (I definetely did on my facebook page, if you don't follow me, please, do ;)
This is one of the pics of that photoshoot (more pics coming soon) and I designed this gorgeous gown just before the shoot so I wanted it to be included. I think it will be a gorgeous piece for any smart occasions, including weddings. It is sooo darkly elegant, it is sure to be a staple piece in Morticia's black wardrobe. What do you think?

The stunning model is Whiskey Raven and the photographer is the talented Glo Mason from InaGlo Photography. (Links to their facebook pages are on their names).

Click here to see more pics and info on my website: http://www.theblackwardrobe.com/Shop/product.php/76/black_long_sleeved_lace_gown

16 March 2012

Fashion inspiration: Viktor & Rolf, Autumn/Winter 2012-13

As I am in full swing developing my Spring/Summer collection and sewing like mad I got distracted looking at the dark beauties we may expect wearing next Winter. I must say, I'm excited. Lots of Dark Dark pieces! (and I'm not talking about plain black, I'm talking about opulent velvet and decadent gothic symbols as well as distressed textures and luxurious brocades and dramatic laces). I'm drooling just thinking of it. If you add Vintage to the mix, then you have grabbed all my attention, and that's what Viktor and Rolf's next Winter collection has done: a very dark glamorous collection depicting languid femme fatales dressed in misterious black outfits, trimmed with luxurious fur and vintage-style ruffles and tassels.

Love the description given on the Fashion Telegraph's website:
"Soft, feminine, and romantic - with a little bit of mystery. Luke Leitch on Viktor & Rolf's chic moonlight-bathe, film-noirish collection."

"The models had Rita Hayworth waves, almost consumptive pallors and the dark berry lips that have all been recurring themes in the film noir-tinted styling so popular this season."

Link to the article: http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/Article/TMG9120979/754/Paris-Fashion-Week-Viktor-and-Rolf-autumnwinter-2012.html

Big pics taken from here: http://cltreanor.blogspot.com/2012/03/viktor-rolf-fall-2012.html

05 March 2012

New items on the website (jewellery) -Part 3

Another item added to the website, a bug bracelet. A beetle bracelet! What do you think? I decided to use metallic green czech glass beads, I think is a colour that would work very well with the bronze brass.


02 March 2012

New items on the website (jewellery) -Part 2

Following my previous post, here are more pictures of another item I've added recently in my website. I know some poeple are obsessed with ancient Egypt or bugs in general, so I reckon this will soon become a favorite. What do you think?

Antiqued scarab beetle necklace

Here is the link: http://www.theblackwardrobe.com/Shop/product.php/72/antiqued_scarab_beetle_necklace

29 February 2012

New items on the website (jewellery)

I'm glad to say that I really enjoyed myself at the Alternative and Burlesque fair in Manchester. Definetely attending the next one in May and if you are in the NorthWest, hoping to see you there.
Since last Saturday I have been busy editing the pictures of the new styles I created for the show and posting them on the website. I hope you like them. This is one of them:

Vintage art-deco inspired 1tassel necklace

I love all of these long flapper style necklaces (and I already have some styles on my website) but I wanted to create a style that was slightly simpler and therefore more wearable for everyday. I can see this necklace worn over a romantic black maxi dress or even a plain pencil dress at work. What do you think? Do you wear big bold black jewellery during the day or leave it for when it's dark?

This is the link to my website, for more info: http://www.theblackwardrobe.com/Shop/product.php/73/vintage_art_deco_inspired_1tassel_necklace

06 February 2012

Manchester Burlesque and Alternative fair

Since Christmas I have been incredibly busy with a quite packed schedule. I am planning a photoshoot for my summer items and also organizing myself and making sure I have enough stock for this year's trading events. The most immediate one is the Manchester Burlesque and Alternative fair, which I haven't done before but I am really looking forward to.
It is in Sound Control, 1 New Wakefield Street (off Oxford Rd), Manchester M1 5WH
Trading will be from 12 noon - 6pm (£5 PAY ON DOOR)
Offering up to 50 STALLS, THREE THEMED SHOPPING FLOORS, 2 PERFORMANCE STAGES, a full programme of entertainment & installations + a lounge bar chill-out area and private outdoor terrace.

These are the styles that you will find at this event:
• Burlesque • Vintage • Rockabilly • Fetish • Gothic • Alternative • Steampunk • Neo-Victorian

...and these are the event highlights:
• Sweeties and Meet/Greet from the Heresy Harlots Hospitality Team
• FREE re-usable shopping goody bags from Iron Fist Clothing
• Performances throughout from Ministry of Burlesque Movers & Shakers
• Twisted Cabaret & Poledancing performances
• Club DJs providing music throughout
• Walkabout Magic & Freakshow Performances

If you are in North or North-west England, don't hesitate in coming to have a look. These sort of events are usually rare up north with the exclusion of the Whitby Gothic Weekend.
I;ll be showcasing both my clothing and jewellery!

03 February 2012

Gothic make-up tips: smokey eyes (Part 2)

I received a comment recently from Amanda (the author of a very good makeup tutorial credited on my previous smokey eyes post) to update the link. However, I had a look at it and it actually adds more to the previous post so I am not going to change it but show you the updated link she's sent me. It is a completely new post with a new video. You decide which tutorial you prefer to follow. I find both of them very helpful.



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