12 October 2007

ABOUT my style: Gothic, Decadent.....but practical

My MAIN aim is offer clothes at all Gothic enthusiasts who wish to dress as goths everyday as well as everynight. I have always thought of starting my own private range of gothic pieces as I was tired of seeing the same unpractical and xtra-long dresses which are beautiful for a night out but not for running after the bus. So, this lead me to the main question, where to find gothic clothes that I can wear everyday BUT at an affordable prices? Not everyone feels comfortable going to Zara or Gap looking for "unique black pieces".
Some High fashion houses have flirted and still are with Goth, but not everyone can afford their clothes. Think of Gucci (when Tom Ford was in charge), Alexander Mcqueen, John Galliano, John Richmond!, Anne Demeleumeester, Ricardo Tischi, Gareth Pugh or the queen of all: Vivienne Westwood.

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