30 April 2009

Gothic hairstyles, does curly hair need to be dark?

A comment by one of my readers, Sexy Sadie, made me think. In response to the post Gothic hairstyles, can curly hair look good with your gothic outfit? She commented: "I think curly hair can be gothic, but it has to be dark hair".

Well, not necessarily. As with any other "look", it is the combination of elements (makeup, hair, accessories, clothing -including colours, textures and shapes-) what defines the overlook of it or the "theme". Someone completely dressed in black doesn't always look "gothic", so curly or wavy hair doesn't always need to have that romantic and sweet flair into it either....

Obviously, black or dark colour hair would make the overall dramatic effect come across easier, especially to someone who has a very sterotypical view about Gothic fashion, however, I still believe and I have already expressed this in my post, black raven hair (straight!) it can be too tiring!!!

As another reader pointed out, the character of Lestat the Vampire (
played by Tom Cruise) is blonde and with curly hair. Does that make him look less "gothic" or sinister?

Take as an example the first picture, is from Aquascutum ( a fashion label with no relation or interest whatsover into dark or gothic themes). The model looks very dramatic. Why?
Well defined eyes in a very dark and smokey dark eye-shadow, sharp wine coloured lips, well defined figure thanks to a very beautifully tailored outfit, in this case a coat. The hair is curly! And is not either black raven or vamp red, is a brown golden dark colour and she still looks beautifully dramatic!

Let's take another example: bright blonde hair. The most difficult case, in my opinion.
Here is a picture of J
ean Paul Gaultier's Winter collection for 2006. It is very phantasmagoric, I have to say, but I like because they didn't stick into black hair in order to create that romantic dark look. There is no need to say that it works because of the make-up and the clothes!


Anonymous said...

I think it doesn`t,lighther colors are also great, esecialy red curls :D I just love them

carakitty said...

That last picture you chose is very nice. I like the stereotypical black + dark colors for Goth fashions + make up but the pales and greys do have such amazing potential for a ghostly look as well!


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