29 July 2009

The new retro trend: Hourglass shape

According to a british survey, british women prefer to achieve that gorgeous hourglass shape, so popular 50years ago, than being a long thin square (a.k.a size zero).
This is another hint that proves us old fashions are best and they are coming back, hopefully to stay!!

Among 2000 women who were surveyed, 60%percent admitted to being either an "apple" or "pear shape,". 75% percent said they wanted a figure like Catherine Zeta-Jones or Marilyn Monroe.

A top-10 list of female celebrities whose shape inspired women was topped by buxom TV cook Nigella Lawson and actresses Helen Mirren, Judy Dench, and Joanna Lumley.

Another surprising detail found on this survey was that despite being the biggest in the continent, brit
ish women don't see themselves as "obese" and only 10% wanted to be "slim". This is a huge contrast with french women, who are the slimmest, and see themselves as "fat" (statistics say that around 6.7% of french women are dangerously thin).
Between 1993 and 2004 the proportion of obese people rose "significantly", from almost 17% to 24.4% among women, according to University College London researchers.

In my opinion, this attitude can have its good and bad sides.
Good things:
-women are starting to accept who they are. Slimness is not synonymous of beauty. Everyone is different, there is no need to followed a certain pattern in order to be "accepted" by the norm.
-It seems that there is an effort to abandon that "sloppy" attitude about looking good and adopt a more positive one by working a healthier hourglass silouette instead of just losing weight.

Bad things:
-Forcing your body to have a small waist while still being "big" in the rest of the body is not a good idea. Have a look at pics of the 50s (Marilyn M., Sophia Loren, E. Taylor...they weren't size 8 but not an unhealthy size 30 either...it was about a well toned body -everything on its place- AND a small waist) That is the perfect silouette.
-Some people in Britain should really really change their diet. I'm sorry but it is the true. There are people out there who are big not because they have been genetically "unlucky" but because they are basically eating rubbish and do not do any exercise. This retro silouette shouldn't be used to justified obsesity ("lets just put a corset on and I will look like La Loren"). Things don't work that way. Being overweight just for the sake of being it, it is not a valid excuse.

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Loulou said...

I totally agree with you in the whole post.
French ladies ARE slim when you compare them to english or german women, but they keep on with diets to get slimmer.
I say to anyone around me that the cut of clothes is responsible for everything. Look at how the clothes are cut since the begining of the 90's: straight hips, large waists, tiny busts and these ugly low rises: these cloths are made for teenagers! For girls who have hips as large as their waists, who have no fat around the hips, who have no breats! They want us to look like little girls, and to seduce with childish bodies... is this not perverse?
Shops and designers do not care about body shapes, they make clothes that WE should fit.
Another thing that i say to women who think they cannot have that hourglass figure: of course THEY CAN. Marilyn was not naturally hourglass shaped, no woman was! It is all about underwear. Girdles, corsets, these things make your waist slimmer and your hips curvy. This is not a matter of being born so, this is a matter of WILL. The Hourglass shape does not make compromises with lazyniess ;)


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