16 October 2009

Red sequined gown

I don't usually publish pics of dresses or any kind of private commissions I take. I don't know why, maybe because they are exclusive items I made under someone's request so I though it would be innapropiate to talk about it or maybe they wouldn't like to be posted on the blog. No clue, I never asked really if they would mind. Anyway, I have just posted some pics on my facebook and I though it would be nice to show the last dress I made. I am so proud of it, is just gorgeous. It is a very sexy "Jessica Rabbit" like gown, all made of red sequined fabric, strapless, sweetheart bust shaped dress with boning and cups (to keep everything on place). The cut is fitted until the knee and then it opens up in a subtle bell shape, more or less like a mermaid-style but not quite. The girl who I made it for, Vicky, was very pleased with the dress. It really flatter her figure, it pushed up her bust, framing it beautifully, it slimmed down her waist (thanks to a strategically well placed satin bow tie in deep red) and it well defined her already hourglass shape. The best part, I have to admit, was the moment her boyfriend's saw the dress on her, for the first time. He went white..... Lol!


Hexotica said...

wow! It's gorgeous! The bust line is very Jessica Rabbit and she looks great in it!

Keight said...

This dress is simply GORGEOUS!! You have quite the talent!


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