25 February 2010

Illamasqua, make-up for the alternative diva

I was just checking out the blog of make-up label Illamasqua and I came across one of its ranges: NOIR!
The collection is described as: "For the femme fatale of the night. Erotic. Cruel. Uninhibited.
Noir explores the dark side of your psyche. It lures out the 'other I'. This collection is a tangle of the dreamlike and the brutal, the black and the white. The colours are bold, baroque and deep. The effect – edgy, accentuated glamour.
Noir is a classic. It’s complex. It's a dance with the devil".
The pictures are amazing and the products look very nice. It is pricey but not expensive (same price range as M.A.C). I still haven't had the chance to test if it is any good as it is only available in Selfridges Manchester Trafford Centre (I am based in the NorthWest, remember). There is no Selfridges in Liverpool and when I travel to Manchester, I do not go as far as Trafford Centre!. I just hate that place, so overcrowded, more of the same.....aghgh!
Here is the link:

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