15 April 2010

New items!, "Polka-dot black rose tote bag"

More new items I have added to my website. (More bags!)

This romantic dark piece is made of strong cotton canvas fabric, in a natural colour. Its main feature is a beautiful bouquet of black roses that I hand-drawn myself onto the fabric. The touch of black lace and the black fabric with tiny red dots intensify its gothic flair.
The inside is fully lined in black poly-cotton fabric, with a big open pocket to keep your mobile/i-pod/keys within easy reach. (There is nothing I hate more than spending more than two minutes "exploring" the bottom of my bag trying to find what I am after...Some people have described my bags as "Mary Poppins' bags" because of the amount of sh#t and unthinkable things I came across while looking for something. Examples? a lighter (I don't smoke), a knife (I used to fix the micro-tiny screw of my glasses), euros (I only use them when I go home, to the continent or even worse! plane tickets from last time I went home....half a year ago!) chocolates or chewies that had expired quite a while ago...newspapers that are a week old...

I think I need help. I keep complaining but it keeps happening....

Anyway, here is the link if you want to see more pics of this gorgeous gothic inspired tote bag. It is only £28!



Madame Macabre said...

Beautiful! I love the color combination, the drawing and the black lace detail are so lovely. I am not a "dots fan", but I recognize that this combination is great. Congratulations for your desing :).

Madame Macabre


A Lady Blue said...

nice bag!! I really like this, the thing is than I don´t live to the other side of the world (i´m from mexico), also I think is necesary other kind of stuff for gothic girls, like your bags...

see U!


Pirate Boots said...

very beautiful outfit! and you can try pirate clothing...well your look so gorgeous


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