01 July 2010

Style icons: Ronit Elkabetz (who?)

I came across this lady through the House of Harps blog. Her style is amazing, a perfect mix of Vintage and Dark. Her romantic hairdo is a modern reminiscent of the 1900s edwardian style up-dos.
Her make-up is subtle, understated but still dramatic (take note of the smokey eye make-up in brown and purple shadows)
I had never heard of her before, neither had you (I presume)...


Morella von Karstein said...

She reminds me of what Ligeia or Morella would look like, according to the descriptions used by Poe. Yes, she certainly does have a great style.

Rose said...

I really enjoy you posts, I think that should be shown over the dark side of elegance, the lack of light as representing the more bizarre side of glamor. I invite you to visit my blog, although I am Spanish doubled all my posts in English. A greeting.



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