19 January 2011

Gothic+Vintage millinery

Happy new year and happy new decade! Sorry I haven't been posted, quite busy during christmas and still in the process of working out what I will be making for the next season. But before I spill anything I thought it would be nice to keep you posted with anything dark/vintage related that catches my attention.
I came through this artist via the AnotherMag newsletter. As soon as I read the fist lines of the article, I fell in love with her. She's a milliner (and artist/designer in other disciplines too) who is obssessed with Vintage and the Dark and! she is friends with an icon of this blog, Dita VT.
Here is the article:

At 5ft 6in in dainty heels, vintage furs, a vivid smudge of red lipstick across her alabaster complexion and hair upswept into a silk scarf; Stephen Jones’ head of atelier, Adele Mildred is a vision that harks back to a more glamorous era. “I’m obsessed with vintage films and glamour so I try to live it,” agrees Mildred over tea in the appropriately genteel surroundings of the Covent Garden Hotel, “I like the silent films from the 1920s and 1940s. I think everything started going downhill in the '60s — those damn miniskirts and go-go boots! I feel people don’t dress as carefully as they should be and I make sure I set time aside.”

She started as a fashion designer and then branched out to do paintings, costumes and then millinery by incorporotaing herself into Stephen Jones' team. Needless to say, her work is darkly beautiful. Very similar to the very dark stuff that McQueen did in his very early collections.


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