11 April 2011

Cute kitten shoes

Aren't they cute?
They are velvet platform shoes with a embroidered cat face on them. A came across this picture on the Fashionising.com website.
It was taken in Paris, some fashionista was wearing them in the street.
No one seems to know who is the genius who designed it. If it was a bag, I would have automatically thought LouLou Guinness, but she doesn't make shoes and I am not that clued in shoe-designers, sorry...


VictorianKitty said...

OMG!!! Those are too adorable!!

Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

Madame Macabre said...

So cute! >_<

Hexotica said...

Oh how much we women would wear the hell out of shoes as cute as these...and men totally not have a clue!
I'm thinking shoes like these can be made with a little embroidery thread...hhhmmm...

Madame Macabre said...

Hola, te entregué el Versatile Blogger Award :). Puedes recoger el premio en mi blog: http://madamemacabre.blogspot.com/2011/04/versatile-blogger-award.html

¡Un saludo!

-Madame Macabre-

HattersMadGirl said...

Just too quirky and cute!
I would buy them immediately!

Anonymous said...

They are by Charlotte Olympia, I think. http://www.charlotteolympia.com/autumn-winter-2011.html?cat=70

I can find the flats/heels, but not the platforms :(


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