02 May 2011

New items! "Bee brooches"

Hello! I have posted lots of new items on my website (and more are coming soon as soon as I finish them and take the photos) so I will be posting them on the blog in the following weeks.
First, I want to start with my bee-shaped jewellery, specially after my post about insects. My beautiful spiders have always been very popular so I always intended to grow my insect range to more beautiful insects such as beetles, ladybirds, and bees! I soon want to start to make beetles as well... I just need to find those glorious metallic powders I have in my mind....

My beautiful bees are made in the same way as muy spiders, from scratch, without the hlep of moulds. I shape the polymer clay and before it gets fired, I embellish it with rhinestones, laces, powders..etc. These bees have taken more work to do than the spiders as I have space out the different layers of embellishment. The lacey wings have been applied in a second round of firing, so have the stripes and my varnish always goes through a round of fire in order to enhance its gloss.
There are some few more pics on my website, let me know what you think. Which one do you like the best, by the way?
So far, people have loved the plain black and gold (4th on the pic). I love the one completely covered in rhinestones. I just can't resist bling...specially against a black background!


Phoenix said...

I like the one completely covered in rhinestones too! These are all absolutely gorgeous ^^

Gerda said...

Hi! Congratulations on your new bee brooches! They are very creative and look gorgeous :)
I personally like the 3rd on the pic (cause it's not all that shiny, yet still is special- love the black rhinestones), but the one completely covered with rhinestones isn't bad either ;)

Keep up the good work and hope to see some similar nice pieces coming :)

Best regards,


Laura Sofia Koski said...

Love them!
Saving up money (: !

TheBlackWardrobe said...

Thanks for your kind comments, girls!


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