09 July 2011

Fairy charm necklace giveaway

Hi everyone, I am excited to say that The Black Wardrobe has just over 300fans on Facebook and 140fans on this blog!!! I am so excited and a thank you is not enough for your consideration and taking your time in reading my silly posts. SO, I am conducting a giveaway, open to everyone, in both my facebook and this blog page. 

I am giving away the fairy charm necklace giveaway. Click on the link for more photos from my website:  http://www.theblackwardrobe.com/Shop/product.php/41/vintage_fairy_charm_necklace

If you want to participate, you must comply with these 2 requisites:

1-You must be a follower of both my facebook and blog.
2-You must post a comment explaining why or what you like about The Black Wardrobe. You can post it either here on the facebook page. Please, remember to include your email address too, so I know who you are!

This giveaway will be open till the 15th of August. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I found your blog, browsing through the web a year or so ago, and I've been in love ever since! The main colour in my wardrobe has been black (and red) for as long as I remember, so I find so much inspiration here on your site! Futhermore I really enjoy your make up-posts very much. Always cool to learn something new! Thanks for a great read and much inspiration! - Anna from DK

Alexa said...

I love this blog because it has such great ideas and pictures. Thankyou and please keep up with the good work.


TheOddChild said...

I'm not sure when I first found your blog but I am glad that I did. You've helped influence my own individual style. Something I thought I never had. I've always been fascinated with the dark and the morose but I only expressed that through my writings. Also, in the music listen to as well as the books I read. I was basically a nerd. I had good taste in fashion for others but when it came to me I had no clue. I was just a tomboy who wore black all the time. I never had the chance to be a teenager and try new things because my family were and still is very conservative and religious so I spent my whole life hiding who I really was. I only expressed myself in the things I knew I can hide....
I have a friend who style is more victorian goth as well as elegant. I was always fascinated by her and her style but I always felt bad cause I looked like...a hot mess. I spent time looking online for tips and when I found your website and blog I felt like I finally found something I can benefit from. The clothing is dark yet very sophisticated. A lot of the goth styles I've seen always seemed tacky or like they were trying to be something they're not. I feel like I've grown a lot in terms of style but I'm only 20 so I guess I have more growing to do. I hope to see great work from you and congrats on the support you've been receiving.

By the way...I LOVE fairies : )

TheOddChild said...

I forgot to leave my email....yikes!

MASQ Fashion said...

Great blog! I'm an independent fashion designer. Is there any chance to get a feature in your blog? (:
my e-mail:masq@inbox.lv

Anonymous said...

I had this same charm as a tween, only it was wrapped around a crystal..ah memories!


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