29 August 2012

Kirsty Mitchell's wonderland

Kirsty Mitchell was born in 1976 and raised in the English county of Kent, known to many as the ‘Garden of England’. Her mother Maureen was an English teacher and read to her fairytales almost everyday. “She instilled in me the most precious gift a mother could, her imagination and a belief in beauty.”

Growing up, art became her sole passion. She took courses in the history of art, photography, fine art, fashion design and costume for film and theatre at the London College of Fashion.
Tragically her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour and died in November 2008. “Real life became a difficult place to deal with, and I found myself retreating further into an alternative existence through the portal of my camera.”
She retreated behind the lens of her camera and created Wonderland, an ethereal fantasy world. This escapism grew into the concept of creating an unexplained storybook without words, dedicated to her mother, that would echo the fragments of her fairytales. She spent evenings and weekends creating props, wigs, and sets on a shoestring budget and shot in the woodlands surrounding Kirsty’s home in Surrey. “All the characters came to me in my dreams.”
Her three year labour of love is now almost complete and there are plans for an exhibition and accompanying book.
(Text taken from: http://www.elitismstyle.com/blogazine/page/2) Click on the link to read more.

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Laura Morrigan said...

Wow, this is truly awe inspiring! It's like the kind of world I want to live in!


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