17 January 2008

Fimo Spiders!!!!!!

I´ve always dreamed of brooched spiders! I´ve tried to made some with fimo, it´s easier to use than what it seams (it´s like working with plasticine......) Here are the results of my first attempt. More will come soon..........with shiny black beads on!


Anonymous said...

hello, Nora!
I´m not specially interested in goth, but my friend is!
Bueno, tienes istalado google analytics. Has de ir a: https://www.google.com/analytics/home/login
y allí pones tus datos. Así sabrás más cosas sobre la página, aunque con site meter ya tienes información interesante.

Anonymous said...

I love those spiders.
Are them on sale?

I´m not anonymous. I´m Magda

Emma Goldstein said...

gosh, I want one!!!

nnnn_759 said...

Emma goldstein! thanks for your comment! If you want one of my brooches, I could arrange to make you one for 3pounds or a glittery one for 5!


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