06 February 2008

I´m becoming a vampire......help! help!

I am currently doing my final year´s proyect. (My very last chapter of my horrific fashion degree). I could describe it as tiring and stressful, but those adjectives wouldn´t be the exact words to describe the real situation. If you work in Fashion OR still studying, you would have an idea of what I´m talking about...

You start to hide from the daylight and the clocks as a very desperate attempt to stop the time or get away from it....Your nights, those precious relaxing moments long time ago, become your working shifts until the daylight appears again. After hours and hours of euphoric work that never seems to end, you start to think you´re immortal but it´s not because your strength but the illegal amount of caffeine that is swimming within your blood veins.
You don´t need to wait long until you start to see the effects on your face: deep purple bags under your eyes, your face (once white, or "yellowy-I´m sick of typhus like" in my case) turns into a pale-translucent shade, and your teeth....yes! they start to get suspiciously more prominent and sharp than usual due to grinding your teeth (an unmistakeable very first sign of a future hysterical crisis, weeping included).
Now, this is what REALLY fashion is about. (Non-gothic fashion too)

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