16 April 2008

Vampires video!!!

One of my college friends have just sent me the pics from my second year at college. I completely forgot about that video! I made a winter, 18th century style collection: very baroque, inspired by the nature. However, the destiny keeps dragging me back to the dark somehow and the collection turned out to be dramatic, in the obscure way. The graphic designer who made the video was this kind of guy who was into japanese, manga, gothic stuff so he shooted the video adding an obscure ambient to it. The video was shooted with the song "How Soon Is Now?" by the Smiths (the T.V. series version, which is not as great as the original one). The location where it was shooted was a very gorgeous baroque room, with burgundy jaquard walls and baroque furniture that dated back from the 18th century. It also had a bed that was a gift from Napoleon (I think), it´s a shame I didn´t take a proper picture of it. I really regret it now......
Here are some more photos of the video shoot. Hope you like them.....

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