04 April 2008

What the hell is Corporate Goth?

This is something new I´ve recently discovered: corporate Goth. What the hell is that? Well, I´ve already discussed on my blog the "problems" or "inconveniences" of dressing Goth during the day (people staring at you, shouting at you, having your dress full of dogshit because is too long, pvc fabric is too hot for doing jogging...etc). So, some people (from the other side of the Atlantic) started to wonder, what to wear for work? And there´s a website set-up as a forum-guide for all those Goth-workers who are in fashion troubles or just having the very first morning trauma of "I can´t see it what´s in the wardrobe, all is black!" followed after the one of "I don´t like anything from that black stain inside my wardrobe". I still don´t find any shop that offers corporate gothic clothes yet.
However, I don´t think it would be very very appealing to everyone. Just to hear the name of it........agggh...it sounds like........"communist uniform". It reminds me of "uniformality", "alienation", "boredom". I think, because of its practicity, it would lack of originality and everyone wearing that would end up looking the same. Ironic, isn´t (I know, I know! people already think that about Goths anyway). It is still worth it to have a go at the website:


Anonymous said...

so, is it a problem for you?
I don´t think so!
You¨ve got a wonderful idea, and i thing your blog and dress will be succesfull.
I didn´t find you at messenger!!!
ohhhh! Do you know who am I?

(Sorry, my english is not very good, I know it).

Ildergreien said...

I choose dark and bold colours, and I thank God for the pencil skirt is in fashion now. I have bought a great deal of them.


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