23 June 2008

Corporate Goths......types

I came across this cartoon on this blog: http://www.aerynna.com/

I think is Very cute! but, I wonder if it would also reflect what british Corp. Goths dress like for work...

The blog is american, I have to say (that distinction IS crucial as the scene and social contexts are completely different on this side of the Atlantic).

1 comment:

FrightfulAccountant said...

I am a corpgoth, or sort like it... ;)

Now that this autumn, the suit is getting popular again, this can be a great opportunity for the Corp Goth clothing style, to braik trough in the Gothic Fashion... ;)

I also have made a slide-show with all kinds of people wearing Corporate Gothic outfits and put the thing on youtube:

We will see how it ends with this type of clothing I guess.

In everycase, it's a very edgie and fashionable version of the traditional business wear... ;)


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