14 June 2008

Gothic make-up tips for everyday: SMOKEY EYES

In my opinion there´s no other make-up that complements a breath-taking dramatic look such goth: smokey eyes. Apparently easy to use, it´s harder to apply in a succesful way than what it might seem. Usual problems are the "panda" effect, stains around the eyes AND most important of all, if it´s not applied properly, it might enfasize or create dark bags under your eyes making you look tired, hangovered or like a yonkee!
Because of its dramatic effect, smokey eyes should be applied with precaution during day-light, specially in pale skins where the dramatism is even more pronounced. Some people love it on someone else´s eyes, however, other people might find it a bit too gothic for them.....(I´ve had that problem and my skin is not even pale is olive), so again, the key is to be cautious.
A very good alternative is to combine the harsh black with a softer grey or to substitute black for a charcoal grey which can still create the same dramatic effect but the contrast will not be that pronounced. I´ve found a video that explains how to do the black&grey smokey eye and I think the look is quite impressive.
Here´s a website with the video and very good tips of how to apply it:

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