15 August 2008

More corporate gothic pieces: cobweb dress

As I said, I'll be posting pics of my work so you all can see it and express your opinions as well! So far, no-one has commented anything yet.

This particular one is very very retro, more retro than gothic, I think. It's a fitted dress with a extremely flattering low neck with darts on the bust. It really emfasizes the bust and the cap sleeves are made of tulle-lace. Nice......isn´t? Gorgeous for a night out, an office cocktail party or even for work.


Anonymous said...

Your works are beautiful! I read your blog entirely and enjoyed it immensely: i am just starting development of my black wardrobe and your comments and findings are very helpful.
In my country - Ukraine - being goth / dressing goth, especially after you're 13 years old, is rather difficult: the public is not ready to accept, even tolerate is too much to ask.
But we are working on it :)

Sexy Sadie said...

Love, love, love it!

I do can see myself wearing that one with a girls only evening.

TheBlackWardrobe said...

Hi girls, I'm glad you like the blog and my work too!
The pieces will be for sale this september, so please, keep an eye on the blog because I will notify it as soon as it happens.
This is a reply to Kelpai, I'm glad you understand my point of view. My mission is not to transform Goth into a mainstream thing but to give tips in how to "adapt" it for specific situations. Goth will never be widely accepted -and that's one of the reason it makes it attractive, in fact- but sometimes, it is clever to dress in a way that will show you're a grown-up person with ideas, character and aspirations!
Not everyone wants to be categorized as a "brain-less, I-don't-care-about-anything-student"
Not all students are like that of course, but you know what I mean. People sometimes, can be ignorant and they just don´t want to know.

Sexy Sadie said...

I want the entire collection. :adore:


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