28 October 2008

Make-up and hairstyle tips....are you too pale for the usual make-up?

Lots of people got excited with the new make-up range, designed by red-head Nicola Roberts, from Girls Aloud. It was a matter of time that this woman will ditch the fake tan. (I´ve heard horror stories about fake tan: brown bed-sheets....water from the shower coming out completely brown, stains between toes and fingers, stains on clothes....Horrible!). I will never understand it. Specially in red-heads or freckled people. It just looks stupid. It´s so obvious that is fake and is not the natural tone of their skin. Besides, fake tan makes skin look older and it really emphasizes the wrinkles! So, be careful, ladies!

I´ve also noticed that since Nicola ditched her fake tan, she has updated her wardrobe, as well. Instead of opting for "super-sexy-I-think-I´m-Beyonce" foxy looks, she seams to adopt more classy and elegant ones, which I think is great. Also, She´s dyed her hair into a more red-dish tone which is been dyed into pink. She looks like a lady. A local version of Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchet.

If you are still desperate to find the range, here are some links:



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Sexy Sadie said...

Red hair is the best.


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