19 October 2008

Gothic hair-styles looks for the office

At some point, we all grow up and tend to distance ourselves from the teenage looks, I think you know where I´m getting to...Yes! Sophisticated grown up look or straight raven-hair do?

Some people like it (easy, sleek and simple) other people just find it boring and teenage. I am between both options, sometimes can look very sexy, when it´s done properly, otherwise, It makes me look like Monalisa. However, other times, it looks a bit dull and boring.
There´s a new trend that it´s been hitting for over a couple of years now, which is the intermix between Goth and Rockabilly (it sounds bizarre but they ´re somehow related, just look at fashion´s history books and you will know why). You can find the local versions of this interesting mix such as in "bobs" (yes, the Victoria´s Beckham hair do but in a sleek raven-black version) or in longer lengths with fringe (very Betty Page)

But the last branch or "evolution" that it has come out from the Gothic subculture is the retro-burlesque one. Sometimes, intermixed/blended with Rockabilly, as well!
I´m one of these people who strongly believe that ms. Von Teese was the one who started it all, back to her gothic days with Marilyn -teenage idol- Manson.
It´s a very classy, old Glamour look. Very high maintenance! Which makes not suitable for everyone but it has that intriguing dark feel to it that makes it irresistible for those girls who are in the alternative circles. It works very well on all hair colours but specially, with black! I think it really gives a bit of fresh hair to the sometimes dull, straight-raven hair-do, don´t you think?


Sexy Sadie said...

Well, everything can turn goth if you want to.

TheBlackWardrobe said...

Everything has a dark side in it.


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