24 June 2009

Curly hair, love it or hate it? Then go for wavy...

A comment made by one of my readers made me think. I am not the "BNP" of curly hair. I still like curly hair, Kris...;) However, not all curly hairs are good. Some people have been luckier than other ones.
Curly hair is like style, it is a very difficult art to master if you ever even manage to learn the art of it.
Some people are very happy with their hair, others not. Other people, including me, we usually go for the 50/50 way: the wavy hair. But how to style it?

Option A: the 40s look.
This vintage-inspired look consists in half straight hair, half wavy in very big waves than have been curled with either rollers, a hair-curler or with fingerwaving techniques for a more sophisticated finish.

ion B: the lady Camelot look.
Lady Camelot's hair is truly curly hair but in a very long length. This little but important detail allows to keep the curl under control and because of the weight, the curls tend to "open" and get bigger. Like the other look is very high maintenance (Yes!, curly hair is high maintenance). It needs lots of hidration and serum to minimise split ends and having your hair falling into pieces. You also need to keep it tidy or you will end up looking like a tramp.
Once again, you can check more ideas and tips in the "gothic fashion tips" link and in a website that Kris very kindly submitted with her comment. Thanks for your link, Kris!


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