11 June 2009

Sizing, what size are we, really?

I've been having some very valuable feedback from customers and bloggers. It is always appreciated and very very valued, either is possitive or negative. There is one issue that has been a bit of a concern for some of the people I consulted. SIZING.

Yes! The (very) complicated issue of sizing. What size are we, really? OR, what size do we want to be? (I've seen women asking what the size range is at the entry of a shop and then leaving because they didn't like it, or even worse, not buying an item because they didn't want to get a LARGE size)

I'm not british, I'm spanish. I come from a country where the sizing is different from the british system: is smaller and tighter in the torax (we have smaller boobs but wider hips in the Mediterranian).
I started with a specific sizing system that apparently was too small, I've changed it. I was still not happy, I've changed again. Here's what I've decided to go for. I hope it makes sense. A spanish Medium IS DEFINETELY NOT the same as a british Medium. So I've decided to go for something in between. Comments are welcome.

SMALL (90cms bust, 70cms waist, 95cms hips)

MEDIUM (95cms bust, 75cms waist, 100cms hips)

LARGE (100cms bust, 80cms waist, 105cms hips)

XL (105cms bust, 85cms waist, 110cms hips)

XXL (110cms bust, 90cms waist, 115cms hips).

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Sexy Sadie said...

Well, as a norwegian I am a big girl in UK {42 here in Norway) and huge in Spain. but I am a small woman, just curvacious.

TheBlackWardrobe said...

Now that is interesting, Sexy Sadie. I always thought that scandinavian and german people shared the same body type: almost 2metres tall, super slim and straight (no curves). I guess I was wrong...

Loulou said...

I do really appreciate manufacturers who feel concern for sizing issues; this is also my number ONE concern both as a buyer and as a seller, because i want my customers to buy stuff that will really fit.
What i can tell you: this sizing chart is overall good. 20 cm difference between bust, waist and hips sounds nice (a bit of the hourglass shape, mhehe). But as far as the french girls are concerned something is missing here: size XS! French women are slimmer, tinier than anywhere else so they are more in the 85-65-85 range!

Anonymous said...

Rather interesting place you've got here. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

Hilary Smith


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