04 August 2009

How to get that hourglass shape??

Loulou made a fabulous comment on my last post, she stated; "This (about hourglass shape) is not a matter of being born so, this is a matter of WILL. The Hourglass shape does not make compromises with lazyness".
Which is SO true. When you look at the divas of Hollywood (retro and modern ones) they have amazing bodies under those gorgeous gowns. That is not natural....I will tell you the secret: UNDERWEAR!
If you thought that this was a thing of the past, you couldn't be any more wrong. Bridget Jones knickers never ever left most ladies wardrobes. That includes Hollywood secret boudoirs...
It goes without saying that the boning of a strapless dress is not enough to hide those little "bumps" and it doesn't guarantee you the dress will not sleep down, revealing your intimacies...
The most common "control underwear" pieces are corsets, high-waist knickers (aka Bridget Jones knickers) and bras for all shapes and sizes.
They are use not only to disguise but to reveal and reafirm!

You can find this control underwear/shapewear in retro style, like the ones our mums and grandmums used to wear!!!
Here are some websites, have a look!


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