07 January 2010

Gothic dark pin-ups

Happy new year to everyone! Specially to all of us who are here in the UK (and probably Ireland too) where the weather is being......crap. Beautiful wonderland themed landscapes but a nightmare to walk, drive or cycle on. Anyway, now is the best moment to do some online shopping and discover new artists and places! without risking of falling victim of a very slow and painful death, due to hypothermia.
As usual, one of my favourite places is the online community ETSY (www.etsy.com).

Here is my last descovery: gothic dark pin-ups. Yes! You heard well, anything that is vintage, dark or even better (and it applies to this case) vintage+dark related, if it is noticed, will have its mention on The Black Wardrobe's blog.
The artist in question is called Andrea, she is irish but living in Manchester, UK (basically next door from me!)
Although I found out about her on Etsy, she has her own website:
She is an illustrator that specializes in pin-up themed illustrations, but all of them have a slightly dark twist to them. They are very colorful, elegant, sexy and gothic themed. Very burtonian style.

She states on her website that..."Her inspiration comes from many different sources:1920s-1950s.the music of The Cramps,the Tigerlillies ,eighties glam rock, vintage pin-up girls,burlesque,cake decorating books,horror films,fairy tales,afternoon tea,Fellini films,Jan Svankmajer,Beatrix Potter, Naughty Victoriana,Agatha Christie and lashings of Enid Blyon".

You can buy her art from her etsy site. Happy shopping! but don't forget to check out my site...:)


Hexotica said...

Ohh these are beautiful! Just the kind of thing I'd love to have on my studio wall!

Katie said...



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