17 January 2010

Romantic winter wonderland

Last few weeks have been a nightmare to be in England. Although the whole land magically transformed itself into a fantastic winter wonderland, it became a deadly weapon. Beautiful but deadly. It has been raining in the last days (I'm talking about the Northwest, where I live). That allowed the snow to dissappear silently from the ground leaving the pavement naked and ready to be walked on! You can't believe how happy I am of being able to walk without fearing for my life.
I had the pleasure of enjoying the romantic wonderland and, savvy as I am :), I took some pictures. They are so stunning that I am going to keep them in my fashion/inspiration archive. Hope you enjoy them.

The pictures are taken in the victorian park, next to home, called Victoria Park (of course). On the left side, you can see bits of the Pilkington glass factory (a company that has been existing since 1826).


kutor said...

Joder, ya me gustaría estar allí en esas fechas... echaría unas fotos con esos preciosos paisajes...

Severus Snape said...

Hi there! I love your blog, gothic style is awesome!
I'm a freak fan of Tim Burton and his wife Helena Bonham Carter.
And I love Harry Potter, so I wear death eater clothes when sometimes, and they're kinda gothic, you know?
Oh, and let me tell u! I've made a photoshoot of Sweeney Todd with my friend

Add me on facebook if u wanna see some photos.



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