19 June 2010

Gothic make-up tips: smokey eyes

As I promise in my last post (Gothic make-up tips for the summer), I have arranged a post about how to do smokey eyes.
It can be done with all the colours you can
think of, but still, the most popular option is black and its closest shade, charcoal. You can go for the dry look or the wet one. I tend to go for the wet look in summer.
I have found two very interesting tutorials which are very similar in technique but with slight changes.

(Pictures with explanations)

(YouTube video of fellow blogger "TheMakeUpGirl")

The main focus is: you apply black paste or paste for eyeliner (picture2, MAC has a wonderful one that I use on its own and as an eyeliner) and powder eyeshadow (to keep it on place and avoid the hideous lines of excess pigment sitting on the wrinkles of your eyelid).
The trick with black eyeshadow is to smudge it softly at the end of the eyelid and on the corners. Otherwise, it would look messy and unfinished. You can achieve this by doing it softly with either a brush or your fingers... or in t
his tutorials, using a second shade wich is closer to your skintone. It could be brown or a lighter shade such as cream or white and it is applied before the black colour.

As I had already said, I tend to go for the wet smokey look in the summer. Either I use this black paste on its own (which is quite tricky because is not oily, is dry) or I use the "multi-effect" eyeshadow from Manhattan cosmetics. This eyeshadow gets a bit more intense and shinier when you wet it with a bit of water.

What these tutorials don't tell you and I will, because you MUST know this. Keep a tissue (with make-up cleanser) close to you because when you apply the black eyeshadow some bit of the powder will fall on your cheek and once you rub it, you get your skin all smudged in black. What I use to prevent this, is an special brush that you can find everywhere. It is used to apply powder as well, but the good thing is that will sweep the eyeshadow away without staining the skin. It is usually very wide and has the shape of a flat fan.


Merula von Mondlicht said...

That makeup looks so beautifully done. Thanks for the excellent post.

Madame Macabre said...

A few days ago I saw on tv a tutorial about black smokey eyes, and it was done by a professional. The tip he gave was to do first the black eyes make up and then apply your skin base to avoid your skin all smudged in black. He also said it was easier to correct mistakes doing that way. But I am not pretty sure if it is a good idea to do all the process in this order. I think is better to do as you say.

Great post, I really love your make up tips :). Now I am wating for some fashion tips n_n.

Kisses from Madame Macabre.


TheBlackWardrobe said...

Hola Madame!
Yes, that's the trick to "erase" the smudges if you are wearing full make-up but the problem is, as I already said in the earlier post, I can't wear full make-up during summer because it won't stay with the sweat. Therefore, the fan-shaped brush is the best idea I came across and it works for me! (But only with eyeshadow in powder, though)

Thanks for your comments, girls. ;)

Sexy Sadie said...

This is a good tutorial.


Anonymous said...

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Amanda said...

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John said...

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