11 June 2011

Keep calm!

Everynow and again I have a nosey look on Etsy and I have noticed that you always find some specific items or "ideas" repeated all over again. One of these things I keep seeing is the famous "Keep calm, carry on" slogan.
For all those american/foreign followers who don't know this, this slogan was one of three commissioned by the British State to be distributed all over the country during the Second World War. It is sooo british!, lol.
Despite being the most famous nowadays, this one was never distributed.
Here is the link, if you'd like to know more about it: http://www.barterbooks.co.uk/kc_history.php

Today, I came across a variation of this slogan which I found HILARIOUS! And!, it is sooooooo american!, lol.
It is from the etsy shop Land of Rapture. It is not for sale at the minute, but I assume the artist will be able to reproduce it again.
I don't know which one I like the most. Which one do you prefer?

1 comment:

Madame Macabre said...

The first one is very useful, you can apply it as a rule in your normal life. And I love the crown detail. The second one is so geek and fun! And the pendant looks really nice :).


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