21 June 2011

New items on my website

I have been updating my website with new items and I haven't posted them here...(what the hell was I thinking?!).
So here is one of them, let me know what you think.;)

I named this dark beauty: Black&animal-print pin-up panelled dress.

It is over the knee, with short puff sleeves, sweetheart neckline and for an extra added glamour, I finished the hemline and slighty pointy sleeves with black satin trims. But the detail I love the most is the hourglass shaped panel in the middle, made of the silkiest jersey I've touched in my life (apart from the ones made of 100% silk, of course). Being so smooth and silky, I lined it so it will not cling on to the body and most importantly, will not collapse trying to hold the weight of the double knit fabric.

This gorgeous animal print comes in two shades:
shades of ivory+chocolate (it sold out, unfortunately, so I cannot offer it anymore), or shades of greys+charcoals+black.
But to be frank, I think I would prefer the grey one, I think it blends more with the black of the dress. What do you think?

Another detail I love of this fabric is the spots, which, I am still not sure whose big cat is meant to depict. Is it a jaguar? a puma? It is definetely not leopard or cheetah.

Here is the link:


Madame Macabre said...

I am not very found of animal print, but I love the dress shape. It is so elegant.

TheBlackWardrobe said...

Me neither, Madame. It is so stereotypical and is always always on the high-street. However, this print is not the usual cheetah or leopard print and the colour scheme is quite unusual. Otherwise, I wouldn't have purchased it. Not a chance.
I am glad you liked the shape!

furniture wardrobes said...

Just elegant in its black animal printed dress. Very classic and gorgeous. I really like it.


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