04 October 2011

Liverpool Design Show 2011

It has been such a hectic two months that I realized I haven't had the chance to post anything during the whole of September!!! Ouchh!
I have been busy both for personal reasons as well as professional ones.
Firstly, I need to talk about the Liverpool Design Show because is just round the corner, happening this weekend coming!
The Liverpool Design Show is a show taking part in a series of design related events happening in Liverpool city. This show is specifically a trading show, where you can go and buy from designers of all sorts of disciplines: fashion, furniture, decor, jewellery...etc.
I will have my stand as I did last year. It is open to the public (not just trade) and the entry is £5 to get in.
These are some pictures from last year. I had a massive stand and didn't think of purchasing additional lights so it looks VERY gloomy, and before you start thinking: hmmm, can't be that bad?... NO, it is not gloomy-charming as you might be imagining.You can see my massive poster.
This picture below is a panoramic of the room, called St George's Hall. You can see my stand again, big and gloomy. The pic was taken by photographer Matt Ford.
And this is me, holding the glass of white wine as requested....I think it was taken by Matt Ford again.

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