26 October 2011

New items on my website: Crystal rainbow leaf necklace.

Hello, I have been quite busy working on the offline aspects of my little fashion label. (I will be opening a studio very soon, so keep tuned, specially if you leave in Northern England, you will be more than welcome to come for a visit) ;)
I have been updating my Facebook page with the new designs I have been adding on my website and I forgot to include them here. So, if you are not on Facebook, you can see what I have been making and you can tell me what you think.
So this post is going to be about the Crystal rainbow leaf necklace. This necklace features a stunning leaf-shaped crystal pendant that I have adorned with a beautiful floral filigree. Very delicate and so so sparkly! Pictures don't do any justice. I took the pictures without flash so the colours would be shown better. It is quite difficult to photograph such a massive array of colours.
Bermuda blue: a rainbow of tropical colours that range from shades of blues and greens to purples, with slight hints of pink.
Autumn Green: warm autumnal shades of green, pink and reds with hints of blue.
Which one do you think is more beautiful? I am still undecided.
Here is the link: http://www.theblackwardrobe.com/Shop/product.php/51/crystal_rainbow_leaf_necklace


Madame Macabre said...

Really beautiful, with a touch of mistery :D. I love the blue one, it looks lovely.

funny t-shirts said...

very nice necklace. specially this "Autumn Green: warm autumnal shades of green, pink and reds with hints of blue". I hope I can have those precious necklace someday


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