09 April 2012

Dark spring/summer fashion inspiration: black & pastels.

I get emails everynow and again with requests to do do articles about gothic fashion tips for the Summer. Well, I have decided to start a new "series" covering the subject.
This post is about black & pastels. We had a short summery phase here in North England, a sneak preview of what to expect in the following months prior to returning back to the dark days of Winter (which is fine, nothing to worry about. It still is skiing season, you know?)

I've always been an advocate for pastels (I have written posts about it before), specially if they are skintone shades or ivory/cream. They bring out the best of our skinshades and because they are so light, they are easy to combine with other shades/colours and that makes them a perfect alternative to the "common" white to use as a blank colour to start an outfit with. Some people are a bit uneasy with the black&white combo for fear of ending up with a "waitress" look.

Despite their lightness, pastels work beautifully with black, as proven by the pic below, creating a gorgeous look that not always has to be "romantic" or "sissy". You can thoughen it up with dramatic accessories or textures like velvet or leather.
I love this look:
Black blazer/jacket/coat in wool or velvet!
A romantic or sleek fitted dress in skintone/pastel shade
black shoe/boots. Love that chunky heel. Much heavier than stiletto but so much more stable and therefore comfortable to walk with.

What do you think? Would you wear pastels?

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