24 April 2012

Here are more pics from the photoshoot I did last month. This post is about the Black and animal print pin-up wiggle dress. Very popular on my website, it is very pin-up, very wearable and a staple piece that should be on your wardrobe if you need something you can dress up or down when the situation requires.
The design does not come with a belt, I added it on for photoshoot.

Please, if you want to use the pics, please, request first. Copyright belongs to the photographer, InaGlo Photography.


Miss Meadows said...

Lovely pictures! I love how the leopard print doesn't go all the way around the dress - like in most other leopard dresses... - but is cut off by the black in the sides! Gorgeous! :) xox

Sexy Sadie said...

Love it.


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