30 March 2008

Every Goth’s dream come true.

We keep seeing black every winter on the catwalks, the magazines, our wardrobes (despite the fact that we TRY to buy "other" colours but the misterious power of Black still bewitches us ALL! not only goths...........). Imagine if everything would turn black, including the toilet paper. It would be great, wouldn´t be? It would be every Goth´s dream come true: black furniture, black wallpaper, black clothes (including the tampax and panty-liners), black make-up, black toilet paper, black car, black phone, black lights?, black condoms?, black food (squid sauce)?....

No, no, wait a minute. I already have problems to find clothes in my wardrobe, every morning! Even with the lights switched on! There should be an alternative, like grey? Yes! A mix between black "I´m cool-trendy-enigmatic" and white "I´m the typical...white". The interesting thing it would be to create shades, different shades of black so I could still see something.... Imagine if you confuse the pillow for the cat. It wouldn´t be a nice experience for the cat, or your arm...
If you´re still intrigued by the Black trend, check-out this website. Don´t forget to read the comments (all very diverse). There´s one in particular that grabbed my attention: (about the black plane) "Looks more like a death plane external, but supra chic interior"

Now that IS the beauty of the Dark: extremely different then interesting.


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