09 July 2008

Gothic make-up tips: an alternative to raven-black hair

"Raven-black" hair has become an stereotype of the Goth look and now of the Emo look as well.... That's why it's not suitable for the office sometimes, specially with a very paled skin. It´s still considered a "teenage" feature and I know some Goths do want to stay away from Emos as much as they can....I still love the raven look, but that's my opinion.

If you have been told off by your boss or you just got tired of it, I've found some interesting other options, like chestnut or chocolate shades. They're not as boring as you might think (unless you´ve got dark-olive skin and brown eyes, just go to Spain and you,ll see what I mean...) as they still add drama to a fair skin but without making you look too "gothy" for the office. Because Chestnut is a very dark shade of brown, -which is a "warm" colour, unlike black- it brings a subtle golden/auburny shine to the face.

If I´m not wrong, Cameron Diaz was one of the first ones who started it, she went from blonde to chocolate, which gave a lot of sophistication to her look and then Lindsay Lohan changed her gorgeous ginger hair to slut-blonde first and then to chocolate. Obviously, because she´s a natural red-head, the chestnut colour really worked on her, it made her look sophisticated, grown-up and -if it wasn´t because of the bloody fake tan-dramatic but without being too "gothy".

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