08 August 2009

Gothic art

I came across this artist that I think she really needs to be mentioned, specially, if you are a Mark Ryden or Tim Burton fan!

Natalie Shau is a talented young digital artist from Lithuania. She specialises in blending photo manipulation, 3D design and digital painting to create her often creepy, gothic doll, fairytale figures. Natalie’s inspiration for these renditions comes from lowbrow artists such as Ray Caesar, Trevor Brown and Mark Ryden. Her style is a macabre to grotesque “baby art,” heavily influenced by religious imagery and fantasy art.

The image on the left is called Carousel for Birthday.

You can find more info and read about other artists on this link:


Gilda the Goth said...

Such intriguing art, you have. They are wonderful...

Anonymous said...

I VERY strongly suggest you google the work of Colombian artist Maria Rueda. She makes the most amazing beautiful ink drawings of these gothic erotic scenes...
She also takes pictures of southamerican goths that are just the cutest.
She should totally be in your blog.

Here's some of her work:



Beaver said...

I highly emjoy this art.
After seeing this one picture I looked on the website that is posted below, it was very intersting. This work is beauitful darkness, so much that it makes me fall into a state of wonderful oblivion!!(that statement makes more sense if you know me)

Jessica Paul said...

The creativity shown by Maria Rueda in the Gothic Fantasy or Gothic Arts is interesting. In fact, the artistic skills unveiled in the gothic pictures have impressed me a lot.


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