16 March 2012

Fashion inspiration: Viktor & Rolf, Autumn/Winter 2012-13

As I am in full swing developing my Spring/Summer collection and sewing like mad I got distracted looking at the dark beauties we may expect wearing next Winter. I must say, I'm excited. Lots of Dark Dark pieces! (and I'm not talking about plain black, I'm talking about opulent velvet and decadent gothic symbols as well as distressed textures and luxurious brocades and dramatic laces). I'm drooling just thinking of it. If you add Vintage to the mix, then you have grabbed all my attention, and that's what Viktor and Rolf's next Winter collection has done: a very dark glamorous collection depicting languid femme fatales dressed in misterious black outfits, trimmed with luxurious fur and vintage-style ruffles and tassels.

Love the description given on the Fashion Telegraph's website:
"Soft, feminine, and romantic - with a little bit of mystery. Luke Leitch on Viktor & Rolf's chic moonlight-bathe, film-noirish collection."

"The models had Rita Hayworth waves, almost consumptive pallors and the dark berry lips that have all been recurring themes in the film noir-tinted styling so popular this season."

Link to the article: http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/Article/TMG9120979/754/Paris-Fashion-Week-Viktor-and-Rolf-autumnwinter-2012.html

Big pics taken from here: http://cltreanor.blogspot.com/2012/03/viktor-rolf-fall-2012.html


Magickafoot said...

Hey Black Wardrobe , these pics are great - thanks for sharing !
I would LOVE to see a mainstream version of that last dress in the shops ....maybe that's your destiny?


TheBlackWardrobe said...

Thanks for your comment, Magickafoot!
I so adore that dress too! Love ruffles. I am so inspired by this collection I am thinking of making velvet trimmed dresses for next winter and trumpet shaped dress with ruffles going down the seams like in these. Gorgeous!



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