19 March 2012

New items on the website: Black long sleeved lace gown

I can't remember if I mentioned here about the photoshoot I had recently (I definetely did on my facebook page, if you don't follow me, please, do ;)
This is one of the pics of that photoshoot (more pics coming soon) and I designed this gorgeous gown just before the shoot so I wanted it to be included. I think it will be a gorgeous piece for any smart occasions, including weddings. It is sooo darkly elegant, it is sure to be a staple piece in Morticia's black wardrobe. What do you think?

The stunning model is Whiskey Raven and the photographer is the talented Glo Mason from InaGlo Photography. (Links to their facebook pages are on their names).

Click here to see more pics and info on my website: http://www.theblackwardrobe.com/Shop/product.php/76/black_long_sleeved_lace_gown

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