05 March 2008

Sweeny Todd, a victorian version of a C.S.I. episode

First of all, as you might have already guessed by this blog's look, I AM a Tim Burton´s fan (well, I hate The Planet Of The Apes but that film is crap anyway, everyone would agree with me, I suppose) BUT I am not too sure about Sweeny Todd, I am afraid. The film follows the same lines as his other films: gorgeous decadent and gothic aesthetic, interesting storyline, excellent actors, dramatic and not-at-all cheesy music....but too much blood for me. I might be a missy sissy but while I was watching the film, I suddenly had a memory crisis, I didn´t know if I was watching a Burton´s film or an episode of C.S.I....
but Grissom wasn´t there......
and if he was, he would had been one of the corpses swimming in the disgusting mincemeat machine maker next to that "auswitch-like" oven....

I´ve done a bit of research and I have noticed I am not the only one to have had not a very very good impression from the film. As an illustrative example, this is what I've read on http://www.product-reviews.net/:
"It seems like Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street isn’t the only one doing a bit of butchery! Warner Bros have asked director Tim Burton to ‘butcher’ his own film, cutting it from an R-rated Movie to a PG-13 MPAA. According to reports, the early footage from the film was so violently bloody that the studio executives have become squeamish and have requested the film to be re-cut.
A report in the Daily Mail has said,
“Tim’s not happy that the
studio is asking for so many cuts to the cutting, as it were. The thing is, the studio really likes the film and they want to make it accessible to as big an audience as possible - which means stemming the blood flow. But that’s a bit difficult for a story involving a guy who gets high slitting throats.”
In the
Film, unsuspecting victims sit in the mechanical chairs of Todd’s barber shop expecting a short back and sides. Sweeney then slices their throats before opening a trap door and allowing the bodies to travel into the lair of his wife, Mrs Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter). Once his wife has the bodies, she uses them to make her meat pies".

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